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No ammo, no peace

April 2, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
I’ve been listening to friends with guns since the Connecticut school shooting espousing the reason for buying as much ammo as they can. Seems there is a combination of three mentalities, as near as I can figure out.

1. Obama is going to outlaw everyone’s gun and the Army will be going door-to-door to take the weapons away. Better be armed to the teeth to prevent that.

2. If the government is going to tell us we cannot do something, we had better go ahead and do it. Defiance is, after all, the American Way.

3. Society has already gone to hell, so we need to be armed. Better them than us.

Now, while I find the whole scenario of “Red Dawn” to have been fascinating in the 1980s, and I never, ever would take anyone’s gun away because that is not the American Way, I do think it’s time to calm down.

My three responses to those above-listed mentalities:

1. The Army has better things to do with its time, weapons, manpower and dwindling budget than worry about a door-to-door search in America for guns. And really, the second half about being armed to the teeth can be refuted in two words: Ruby Ridge...and that didn’t even involve the Army. They're always going to have more firepower, and an air force.

2. I can see this one a little bit. After all, I can’t drive 55. Maybe it depends on whose chosen infraction is being shoved in the corner.

3. Yes, society has gone to hell. But when retired police officers, men whom I respect, send around e-mails saying people should be armed because we “don’t want ‘their’ police to be better armed” than the average citizen, I cringe. These were the guys who 20 years ago were lamenting that the drug dealers infesting the area were armed better than the police forces were.

The NRA now proposes armed guards at every school and armed teachers.

Wouldn’t a better solution be to have a society where kids can actually go to school, learn and be taught, respect one another and have some fear of actual authority, such as teachers, principals and police officers?

Those empty ammo shelves at the gun and outdoor shops indicate my solution is well past any chance for acceptance, and well past due to be implemented. It would help if we had a government that never failed to take advantage of a good crisis to change policies, though.


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