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BC Final 4

June 21, 2012 - Mike Mathison
This could be one of the dumbest ideas in the history of ideas.

Look, we all know this change in the BCS in 2014 to have a Division I football Final Four is done strictly because of money -- making more of it.

This is not being done out of fairness to anybody.

But, the Final Four will last a short time because, either Alabama, Notre Dame, USC or Ohio State, to name a few, will finish fifth and be on the outside looking in.

But, for now.........

Who looks at the Rose Bowl commissioner and says, "your bowl is irrelevant to get one of the two games" ... that would be semifinals or final.

Tell the Grandaddy of them All that the Fiesta Bowl is more important....yup, go ahead. At least you know where the loser of the Big 10 championship game will play....Pasadena!

And, of the 5 main conferences -- Big 10, ACC, SEC, PAC 12 and Big 12 (the Big East is no longer a factor), which conference championship team is going to be left out of the Final 4???

I know the easy answer is the ACC, but it can't be that way every year.

In addition, the Final 4 is going to be chosen by a committee......of whom? And, where is that committee going to meet to make the a bunker 8 miles below the White House?

Just put it this way, now you can really say goodbye to Boise State and Utah and whomever else fits Cinderella's slipper.

"Smaller" conferences like the Mountain West and Conference USA may get more money because there is more to go around, but they won't see anything near when the top 5 conferences will make. That means you will be able to fit the Grand Canyon between the top 5 conferences and everyone else.

So, which place gets the championship game?

Ummmm, my guess bids will go out and what place other than Jerry's Place somewhere near Dallas is going to be outbid?

So, once this change takes place, who really wants to see 7-5 Who Cares U taking on 7-5 Not Me U in the Porcelain Bowl?


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