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The Next Big Business Deal

May 17, 2010 - Alex Marshall
Everyone knows that the biggest business deals are cut on the golf course, and last week’s Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic was no exception as 144 golfers teed it up at beautiful Steubenville Country Club.
As co-chair of the event (assisted by the talented  threesome of Tricia Maple-Damewood, John Cucarese and madam chamber president, Sue Hershey), I decided NOT to play as I’ve been told by former chamber boss and golf chairman, Jeff Criss that it would be highly inappropriate for the chairman to win his own tournament.
Pretty sage advice from the former chairman, who coincidently backed it up by winning this year’s Golf Classic (after vacating the golf chair this year) along with teammates Mike Biasi, Jerry Simpson and Mike Manfresca.
Besides sipping mimosas (I was rudely cutoff by TMD), what’s a golfaholic like me to do when he’s sidelined from the next big business deal at the premier golf tournament of the year, you ask? Well, he plants himself on hole 12, a short 129 yard downhill par 3 as a spotter for the closest-to-the-pin contest.  Ho, hum!
So as to not completely be shutout of all the action on this beautiful sunny day, I devised a business scheme on #12, which had me wagering certain individual golfers on whether they could hit inside a generous circle on the green. 
It looked like it was going to be a very profitable day for me as I skinned Jim Rosso, and 3-time Ohio Valley Golf Association winner, Dave Frey for five smackers each. Others fell prey to my scheme throughout the day as well. 
My confidence was soaring as I readied to pluck another defenseless golfer, Jon Rogers of Wesbanco. 
With my confidence bordering on cockiness, I decided to bet all my winnings that JR would buckle under the pressure of my verbal taunting and the bright lights of my FLIP video camera to surrender a crisp new Alexander Hamilton from Wesbanco’s vault.   
Ok. Now that you have watched the video, you know the outcome of my duel for the Alexander Hamilton with Jon Rogers. 
Risk versus reward; profit versus loss; it’s all part of being in business. Marshall versus Rogers; truthfully, most would say a mismatch. 
One thing I’ve learned for sure however is that I’m not cut out to be a spotter on #12 next year. Personal bankruptcy (declared after Jon Rogers hit it stiff on 12) along with the pain and anguish of not playing in this year’s Chamber Golf Classic, has me tendering my resignation as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce first thing tomorrow morning.
Any teams out there looking for a strong 12 handicapper?


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