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It's not about football

April 22, 2010 - Mike Mathison

This whole Ben Roethlisberger thing has nothing to do with football.

It has everything to do with a man's morals, or lack of them.

It has everything to do with far too many people shaking off the accusations like Ben does a defensive lineman.

And, just because Roethlisberger wasn't charged with anything does not mean something did not happen. Something happened. Please get that through your heads.

If that were my son, I would have to take a long look at myself in the mirror and wonder where I went wrong.

Shortly after that, I would beat the living tar out of him. I might lose and I very well might get my behind thoroughly whipped, but he will quickly understand that such behavior is never accepted.

He will quickly understand that he would do to someone what I just did to him if that girl were his older sister.

Do not give me "he wasn't charged" or "he's innocent until proven guilty" because neither of those two things wash with me.

There are reasons the D.A. did not file charges -- security tape magically being taped over, the bathroom magically being cleaned and scrubbed because no one told the janitor that it was a crime scene and to leave it alone.

My guess is the D.A. really wanted this one. He wanted Ben's head on a silver platter and I, for one, would have been thrilled to see it there.

Ben and his posse stepped over the line -- way over the line. They acted like a bunch of thugs who felt entitled that it would be OK to treat a female, regardless of her age, in this manner.

A six-game suspension isn't enough.

But, if another sexual allegation ever comes up again, missing six games will be the least of Ben's worries.

He can then go join Tiger in sex rehab while trying to figure out another line of work which can pay him $100 million.

But, that would be hard in one of those pretty orange jumpsuits.


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