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True Blood - Season 2 Finale

September 14, 2009 - Brandi Bowers
Ok, it's the day after the True Blood season finale! I was so excited to see last night's episode. Having to wait 2 weeks was just plain wrong. And because I had to wait for it, I may have had higher expectations, but I think the episode was pretty anti-climactic for a season finale.

In True Blood season finale tradition (is it tradition if there's only been one before? anyways), they managed to wrap up the big drama that had been playing out throughout the season. I think the way they closed out Mary Ann's part was pretty good, but extremely short. That was the focus of the whole season and it was over in the first 20 minutes! And the part with Bill and Sam in on the plan together and Bill healing Sam... totally predictable. Props for how they actually killed Mary Ann, though. Did not see that one coming.

Aside from that, the rest of the story seemed a little choppy and strange. Did the townspeople know what happened to them or didn't they? And what was going on with Eggs? Not sure how Tara's gonna react to that one. At least it was nice to see Andy looking out for Jason finally.

Then we came to the last part with Sookie & Bill. A vampire proposing? That was a new one! I'm glad she didn't just say yes either. Of course, Bill is dreamy and chivalrous and everything, but seriously, what happens when they get married? Does he turn her? Can he turn her if she's not even human to begin with? If she's not human, is she already immortal? So many questions running through my head... and apparently Sookie's as well. That part I liked, the next part, however, with her running out to say yes and Bill being taken, another predictable move. Eric just promised the queen that he would handle Bill, so either he did it or he hired someone. Or do they just want us to think that? Maybe it wasn't Eric at all. In any event, I won't be fretting about it. I'm sure things will work out just fine for our main characters. Thank you viewers and HBO for picking up the show for next season!

In the meantime, I'll have to find something else to blog about. With all the excitement and drama surrounding the start of football season, I should have plenty of material.


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