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True Blood - Frenzy

September 1, 2009 - Brandi Bowers
Well, if you're like me, you had two disappointments with this week's True Blood.
1. It was anti-climactic. The exciting previews we've been seeing for the end of season 2, must be reserved for the very last episode.
2. We have to wait not 1 week, but 2 weeks until the season finale! What torture!

To recap the episode titled, Frenzy, there was a lot going on, hence the name, but nothing really rivoting. We picked up where we left off last week with Hoyt, his mother & his girlfriend Jessica at Bill's house. Hoyt got mad at Jessica for attacking his mother and they stormed out and left Jessica alone. We pick up later in this episode with Hoyt and his mother, who is still under Mary Ann's influence, having a heated discussion about what really happened to his father. This was a side story, though, nothing big going on here.

The other part we left off with was more interesting and important to the main story, however. Bill had arrived at the mansion of the Vampire Queen of Lousiana, Sophie Ann. Last week's ending made it look like she was dead, but she was actually just feeding. Bill goes to her to ask her about how to kill Mary Ann, a maenad. They then go into a discussion about what maenads really are and how they imagine themselves to be immortal. Of course, this scares Bill into thinking she can't be killed & the town will be in serious trouble. Those of us paying attention, know that our main characters will prevail somehow!

The other main stories consisted of Sookie, LaFayette, & Tara's mother, Lettie Mae at LaFayette's house watching Tara to make sure she doesn't leave to go get Eggs. Not the food, her boyfriend. The funny part here includes Sookie & LaFayette's discussion about both of them fantasizing about Eric. Tara ends up talking her mother into helping her escape and she manages to get past Sookie & LaFayette. And, as they predicted, she ends up running into Mary Ann & goes right back under her influence. Mary Ann proceeds to explain that it was Tara seeking out Miss Jeanette, who summoned her there in the first place.

Then we go to Sam, Andy & Jason at Merlotte's Bar. Sam tells them all about being a shapeshifter. The guys then prepare to fight Mary Ann & load up on weapons. Jason & Andy make a stop at the police station for more, while Sam takes Arlene's kids to see Eric at Fangtasia. They came to Sam looking for help to get their mom back, who is also under Mary Ann's influence & he goes to Eric looking for answers on how to defeat Mary Ann. The funny part here is the sign on the door. Instead of saying "we're closed," it says, "we're dead." It's those little details that I think really make the show!

After Bill gets his answers from the queen, we see him leaving at which point he runs into Eric right outside. After talking to Sam about what had been going on, Eric thought it best to seek advice from the queen, too. Eric promises Bill to stop pursuing Sookie as long as Bill doesn't tell the queen about Eric's deals with vampire blood, something I'm sure we'll find out more about later.

Finally, Sookie & LaFayette arrive at Mary Ann's, or rather Sookie's house. They get separated and LaFayette runs into Mary Ann & her servant, Karl. LaFayette shoots Mary Ann, but she deflects the bullet to Karl, who ends up dead. Andy & Jason also pull up to the house & park. Andy then goes into how he resents Jason and why they don't get along. Jason tells Andy that his life is nowhere near as good as Andy might think and they make up and get ready to go to battle. We go back to Sookie, who is trying to get past the crazy people in her house & finally makes it upstairs to find Tara & Eggs converting her bed into a nest for a giant egg! Did not see that one coming! She turns to face LaFayette whose eyes are now completely black. Just great, Mary Ann turned him, too!

So, now we have to wait patiently to see how this season will end. It may have dragged on a little this episode, but If the last one is anything like the finale for the first season, I'm sure we won't be disappointed.


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