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The good, the bad and the stoned

May 1, 2008 - Paul Giannamore
Sometimes, the twists of life just present themselves as a simple juxtaposition of tales.

For instance, Albert Hoffman, the father of LSD" died at age 102.

I've never done an acid trip, nor would I want to. But I have to thank the late chemist for inventing the stuff that led to a host of great 1960s music. Without him, classic rock might just have been so much Bobby Darin music, not that there's anything wrong with that, either.

Hoffman lived to age 102. That must say something about either the efficacy of taking a little trip every now and then or pickling one's mind in lysergic acid diethylamide puts one out of touch so much that stress isn't a problem anymore.

Hoffman wanted LSD to be used as a psychology tool and said he was upset at its recreational use.

Still, he lived to age 102 and apparently now is Ina Gadda Da Vida.

The twist?

On the same day that I was reading Hoffman's obituary, there was a tale about a hiker in California who thought he broke his leg.

Turns out, the 19-year-old didn't break anything.

"He was really gorked," said a forest ranger.

The kid had taken a trip on LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

It cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to rescue him from the Santa Cruz Mountains, with police, a helicopter and an ambulance dispatched.

Now, first of all, I love that word, "gorked." Never heard it before, but I guarantee I'm going to drop it (like bad LSD?) into dinner conversations from now on.

And I'm pretty sure I don't want acid heads living to age 102. It's expensive to taxpayers.


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