Do you really know what you want in life?

In 1 Kings 3:12-14, God gave Solomon the opportunity to ask for anything he wanted. Solomon chose wisdom, “So I can govern your people and know the difference between right and wrong.” What an incredible choice he made.

I’m going to ask you a question and listen to your answer. Your answer might change your life, and what I add might help your spiritual life.

Do you really know what you want in life? When you are alone and away from everyone else, what do you dream of becoming, doing and possessing? When people hear your name spoken, what do they automatically think of? What legacy do you want to pass on to others.

Few people really know what they want. They do not realize that their dream is either born within them or borrowed from someone else. Many people admit that their present pursuit was simply something their father or mother desired for them, something others expected of them or something that never became their own personal vision. How disappointing that most people never pursue their own inner passion, but that does not have to be you.

Your dream is closer than you can imagine. Your dream is completely attainable. Recognize it. Embrace it. Pursue it. This is the season to do something significant with your life.

I’ll ask you another question –if you don’t know what you really want, who are you going to ask? Find someone like a Solomon, someone with wisdom. One thing I really know is if you don’t know where you belong, you will adapt to where you are, and that can become a sad thing.

King Solomon was the richest man who ever lived. He knew what he wanted. He was passionate about his dream. Passionate people generate waves of favor that naturally attract success and promotion.

Solomon had a passion to create something unique and incredible for God. He did not consult a committee. He did not ask his family for permission. He talked to God and got his wisdom. A personal experience with the King of Kings is vital. He expanded his personal vision beyond the limits of what anyone else said he could do. This dream consumed his time, his mind, his conversion and every waking hour of his day. The clearer your goals, the greater your faith.

Solomon was a master in achievements. Few men in history equal his magnificent works. Your dream is closer than it has ever been in your lifetime. They keys of success are within your reach. You do not need a lot of keys to enter a vault –just the right key. Little keys often unlock huge treasures. Your life can change. Your success can be multiplied. Stay focused on these success secrets. Think and meditate about your palace of greatness. The place you have always dreamed of being. It is where you belong.

(Stead is the pastor of the Christ Healing Center.)