An ordinary, unordinary New Year’s Eve

In some ways, New Year’s Eve was like any other day of the year, but in other ways it wasn’t.

It was an ordinary day, on the one hand, in that Better Half and I ran errands, something we take almost to the hobby level.

On our list of things to do that Saturday that brought 2016 to a close was some grocery shopping, some visiting and returning a pair of gloves I’d bought for Better Half as a Christmas gift, a good sturdy pair of them for his “barn boy” duties as I call them.

Imagine my surprise when he gave them the complimentary try-on and asked if they were some kind of a joke.


The glove for the right hand had no space allotted for a thumb.


I had to laugh, given my shopping knack for bringing home things that don’t work quite right or have a bum zipper or a missing button but never, ever, a glove with no thumb space.

I’m really getting good at this — effortlessly so.

New Year’s Eve wasn’t so normal, though, in that I spent a part of it as a distressed Mrs. Save the Day Kitty Rescue Woman, trying to find a home for a black kitty that looked like an ear muff with a pair of eyes. It showed up earlier in the week, an elusive little thing with an eerie meow and not especially friendly, although she gladly ate in between Houdini disappearances.

My attempts on the want-a-kitty hotline were less than “purr-fect” with no takers, including myself, already the owner of two horses and in recent months a rescued black and white cat I affectionately call “Herald” because of her newspaper colors.

Enter daughter Sarah — to say she has a heart for all animals is to say, yes, cotton candy is sort of sweet — who became the new mother/owner of the black earmuff with four legs, despite my concerns that she already has a dog and two other cats.

By Christmas 2017 she might have a partridge in a pear tree, too. Who knows.

At any rate, Dec. 31 continued with an element of success, Little Miss Kitty bonding beautifully, a replaced pair of gloves with five openings.

Better Half and I sat down to enjoy an at-home hamburger, an ordinary sandwich I sometimes think rivals the best steak or fancy entree, so fabulous with just a slice of cheese and tomato and a healthy sprinkle or two of garlic salt.

We started to wrap up New Year’s Eve on an unconventional note, deciding we would make resolutions for each other instead of ourselves.

Then we thought better of it — why end and begin a year on a such a sour note as that?

So New Year’s Eve for me became just like most any other day of the year — an evening to basically nod off early, w-a-y before midnight.

I welcomed 2017 well rested, ready-set-go for an ordinary, extraordinary year.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and features writer for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times and community editor for the Herald-Star. She can be contacted at