Harrison County events attended

There were three big things taking place in Harrison County over last weekend.

The first one has a special place in my heart, as Lamont is a survivor of cancer, and if it were not for research for the disease, there would not be as many survivors.

The relay is a small one, but the workers are mighty. Each member of the committee performs more than one task. Their survivor and caretaker dinners are tasty, and the useful gifts scattered about on the table are supplies we all can use.

We always get to see Jackie Rocchi there. She is the energy rocket who serves on the Clark Gable Foundation board and makes you feel like dashing out on the relay track and do a few laps because you see her zipping about out there.

Doc Stevenson is another one we see at the relay on a regular basis. We were discussing my right arm that was in a brace ( the hospital called it a splint) on my right arm. It came about from a 5:30 a.m. run to the hospital last Thursday as the arm was quite swollen, felt hot and was racked with pain.

It is one of those “getting old” problems of inflammatory arthritis that has affected my thumb, wrist and clear up to my elbow. Some hospital medication has quieted it down, except for hurtful twinges if I try to type or write too long.

When we went to the hospital, I knew one of the procedures was going to be an X-ray. I was afraid it would be quite painful when they maneuvered my arm into a needed position.

Instead, I got an X-ray staff member named Darcy who was very gentle. I almost wanted to cry in gratitude.

Getting back to the relay, Bethani Barsch and her mom, Shelia, make a nice team in doing what needs to be done at the relay table. I have known her mom since her high school days, and it was nice seeing her again. We renew our acquaintance each relay season.

Patti Sabo is another regular we see at the relay. She has put many hours into the program over the years.

The Harrison County Farm Bureau is to be congratulated on the barbecued chicken dinner served to the survivors and their caregivers. Jayne Wallace and her daughter, Samantha, and Michele Specht were busy serving dinners for those who had to buy their meals.

The next morning was the Custer Day event at New Rumley. I know Rick Williams from all the times we have talked Custer together at the celebrations and have come to know his fiancee, Marlene Rice, who portrays Libby, the general’s wife.

It was the first time that I met James Crabtree, the President Abraham Lincoln re-enactor. I had told Rick not to shake my hand hard because of my affliction, as my grandmother called a painful place in the body.

When I was introduced to Crabtree, he held up one finger, and we touched forefingers just like in an episode of E.T. I think that he makes a believable Lincoln.

I was talking to Matt Dulkoski at the Custer event, and we talked about our arthritis, just like us older folks do. He has the same thumb problem as I do.

Elected officials come out for celebrations in Harrison County. At the Custer event, there was Judge Shawn Hervey; commissioners Bill Host and Don Bethel; and former commissioner Barbara Pincola. Leroy Van Horne, the Custer Memorial Association secretary, is treasurer of Carroll County.

Dave Rose, president of the Custer Association, has had his share of problems with getting speakers. He had lined up two speakers who later called, and Paul Quinn was killed in an auto accident and now the position is open.

Then the Gatling gun that was supposed to be present did not show.

Rose goes on with the program like the saying “The show must go on.” And she does it quite nicely.

I saw the Hervey family at the Custer event, as well as the Harrison County Relay for Life. And then at the Hopedale celebration, I saw him and his baseball team walking in the parade. I think we were following each other.

The Hervey son, Chance, was helping the guys cook the chickens at the relay, and at the Custer luncheon, Wyatt, Chance, Tonia and Shawn sat at our table.

Last on the Harrison County agenda was the Hopedale Community Days, where Don Bethel, Tim Mizer, Jay Kolenc and I served as judges for the parade. Tim found some white top hats somewhere and instructed us that we needed to wear them. I felt like I needed a cane and a bow tie as well to complete the uniform.

I got to see Marlene Worklan, a Smithfield friend from our younger days, when we would go to the drive-in until 2 a.m. and get up at 6 a.m. to go to work the next day. Marlene and I rode together for several years.

I saw Anthony Bailey with his Movin’ and Groovin’ inflatables there at the fire house. I liked the zebra one.

Okay, that was my weekend in Harrison County. It continues this week as I go to Cadiz to help judge county fair royalty for the fair that begins on July 1.

My how the summer is flying by.