I have high hopes for the new year

2013: I didn’t think this year would ever come. Maybe the reason for that is because the Mayans said the world would end on Dec. 21.

Well, we’re still here. But, I am pretty sure the reason it took so long (it seems) for the new year to arrive (for me anyway) is that before the end of the second month of this year, my second bundle of joy is due to make his entrance into this world.

I know all pregnancies are standard. It takes 40 weeks for a baby to grow and be strong enough to enter this world. But man, it seems like this one has taken a lot longer than my first pregnancy did. Maybe because I am older. Maybe because I have a little boy at home already to chase around and exhaust me. Maybe because I have had so many sicknesses and difficulties with my breathing. Heck, it’s probably a combination of them all. But whatever the reason, all of it will have been worth it in the end, when I am holding my little boy in my arms. Just seven weeks (give or take) to go.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve was different for me this year. Usually my husband is at work, or like last year, we went to someone else’s house.

This year we stayed at home. It was just Mark, Little Man and me. And the dog. We spent the evening home alone. We had the usual pork and sauerkraut, followed by some awesome leftover cheesecake. I opened my bottle of sparkling blueberry grape juice and watched Little Man pop confetti poppers in the living room since it was so cold and snowy outside. We watched “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest” as we hung out by the fire in our fireplace.

Little Man and Mark chilled in the recliner while the dog and I shared the couch (he got most of it).

I have high hopes for the coming year.

I am hoping for a fairly smooth and easy labor and delivery (unlike last time, which was kind of scary.) But, most important, I am hoping for a happy, healthy baby boy.

I hope for a decent job for Mark. Last June he was laid off from the now non-existent RG Steel. I could go on and on about this problem, but that’s all I’ll say.

I hope Little Man transitions to going to school easily. I hope he makes friends and learns tons of new things.

I hope Little Man gets to be a part of a team. He has wanted to be a member of a soccer or baseball team for more than a year now, but so far, they keep telling us he’s too young. Hopefully, this spring will be some kind of a team for him to join.

I hope everyone in my family, Mark’s family and our friends have a healthy year. May the year bring love, health, happiness and good fortune for all.

May the new year be good to everyone.

(Letusick, a resident of Rayland, is a copy editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times.)