Democrats back in Jefferson County

To the editor:

I am proud to be a part of the “reboot” of the Jefferson County Democratic Party.

Last month, I took an oath to serve, along with many others, as we were appointed to the party’s central and executive committees. Many of us will represent the citizens of the precinct in which we reside. I consider it an honor and a chance to carry on a legacy of political activism that I learned from observing the hard work my parents and other family members did to further the Democratic ideals and values that they taught me to embrace. Since January, under the leadership of new party Chairman Frankie DiCarlantonio, more than 20 strong Democrats have been appointed to posts in voting precincts or at-large. These recent appointments indicate that our party has more leadership positions occupied than any other political party here in Jefferson County.

His fellow commissioners chose our Democrat Jefferson County commissioner, Thomas Graham, to serve as chair of that board this year. That’s a clear sign that Democrats are ready to take the lead once again. It means standing up for our values and working to turn those values into actions — by helping those in need; creating jobs; promoting equality, democracy and the rule of law, all toward a better life for every person in our county. In addition, our party is endorsing candidates and planning for future growth, while recognizing our history of service to and representation of the people of Jefferson County, and honoring the dedicated party members who have led the way through the years.

You can be a part of our comeback, too. Contact party Chair Frankie DiCarlantonio to see if there is an opening in your precinct for a committee member. Sign up to work at the polls this May and November by calling the Jefferson County Board of Elections. Above all, the easiest way you can take action is to vote for Democrats, always.

Democrats are back, baby.

Marjie DeFede