Women are making statements

To the editor:

Bloomberg News reported that Steve Bannon, former White House political strategist in the Trump administration, put out a warning that there is a dangerous “anti-patriarchy movement” that will change the structure of the United States. His message is purely fear-mongering. These are the same tactics he used to promote hateful rhetoric to pit you and me against one another. When we should be celebrating the accomplishments women have made, he is using our talents and hard work and placing them into a basket of a “shaming men” mentality. A battle of the sexes, renewed.

Just look what women have accomplished in the Winter Olympics. So far, women have won 50 percent of the U.S. medals. The women’s hockey team is kicking butt. What does this say? Women have arrived in sports and politics. They have been nurturing their families as well as taking part in their financial support and should be celebrated, and not just on Mother’s Day.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., is seeking re-election and has gained support from her opponent’s parents, receiving the maximum donation permitted of $2,700. Why? Because the opponent said he’s become more conservative in mirroring Briebart News issues than his parents’ more liberal views.

In Florida, attorney Margaret Good, a Democrat, won a seat long held by Republicans to represent her district in the House. Now the tide has changed.

In Minnesota, Karla Bingham was elected in a special election to represent the 54th District as state senator. What makes people sit up and take notice is that these are women beating men. It’s not because of their gender, but who and what they stand for, such as family leave, and policies that help working families and not punish them by cutting Social Security, while giving away billions in tax breaks to the top 1 percent.

In our own little corner of the world, Shawna Roberts, a Belmont County resident and virtual unknown in political circles, has thrown her hat into the ring as a Democrat in the 6th District. I’m not throwing support for or against any candidate at this point, just stating that you may consider this person who is new to the political scene. At least listen to her. As a mother of five, her platform is to improve our access to affordable quality health care, bring broadband to 100 percent of households and the treatment and recovery for those affected by the opioid epidemic … just kitchen table issues.

This recent power of women was brought about by the women’s march on Washington one day after the 2017 inauguration. Throughout the country and the world it has continued and is spreading with the #metoo movement. These are not movements to say you should only vote for women, but they are putting more women in the forefront to engage in our communities and support those who support us and our families. We are women. We make up 51 percent of the population. We are more outspoken. Hear us roar.

Kathy Antinone