Questions about highway patrol

To the editor:

The Ohio State Highway Patrol seems to be trying to infuse itself into city’s law enforcement. The patrol derives its powers and duties from section 5503 of the Ohio Revised Code. This section states that the only time the patrol has any duties inside a city that has its own police department is when the mayor asks for assistance in a riot situation in which the police department is too small to handle on their own. More recently, they can also assist a drug task force in their duties.

The Ohio State Patrol has no arrest powers for misdemeanor traffic violations whatsoever in a city that has its own police department. This means that any ticket written to a citizen for a misdemeanor, minor traffic violation, is an illegal arrest under 5503. These arrests must be made null and void by the courts, which may be completely unaware that these arrests are above and beyond the powers of the patrol. If arrested in this situation, do not argue with trooper. Just go to court and plead not guilty and copy 5503 and enter it in the court. Or get an attorney to do this for you. Stop these illegal activities now. Drive safe and all of this is unnecessary.

I have 11 years experience with the highway patrol.

Paul Clark