Holy Spirit can help

To the editor:

I went to a meeting not long ago and said that Steubenville is a very unique place. The reply was, “How do you come to that conclusion?”

The people in this community of less than 18,000 people are more unique than what they think.

We cannot continue to operate in tradition. Tradition always rejects change. Now is the time for change. It must begin with us, not me and myself, but us as a community.

We are losing loved ones, old and young. The generations seem to be battling each other but no one is winning. Why? The word “tradition.”

The older generation should be helping the younger generation and mentoring them. The Bible said the old will have dreams, the young are given visions. Where does this come from? The heavens, not by man.

There is a big difference between visions and dreams. Allow the young to display what God has given them — visions — and because we all have gifts, they are for the people, to help each other in our community.

City Council seems to be lacking that in Steubenville. This also seems to be with the churches, which are supposed to be the background of every city.

You will be surprised at the gifts we have that are hidden because special groups do not want to move out of their position.

You have been in office for more than a decade. These are people who have no vision but only tradition, only to say, “Look what I have done.” Even when you are able to make choices, they are only out of your own thinking.

Recently, our newly elected mayor included prayer before council meetings. This says, “God, get involved with our city. We cannot make this change without you.” It is saying “lead us, guide us.” You cannot have change without the Lord.

Thank you, mayor. We need the Holy Spirit to guide us to change. No man can do this, not City Council or the city manager, no one but the ones who have visions. It is about working together, honestly with integrity, being fair to all races and cultures. A city that is divided cannot stand. The rich and cliques do not want to listen to the ones who have less money, and the ones who lack money are distracted by the problem of a lack of money. The root of all evil is money. You love money more than you respect people.

Communication is essential for change in this city. Listen. Even God works with his word, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Who do we think we are? At the end of life, we all have to answer to the one who created us. Let our young people in, all of them. Our youth in this city are unique. They are special. Our older people are beautiful. It’s a bad thing to leave this earth and our father in Heaven says, “How did you help others?”

Regina Blanchard