Downtown grocery store needed now

To the editor:

I want to encourage Mayor Jerry Barilla and all who are involved to bring a grocery store to downtown Steubenville. Food is a basic need and, in my opinion, moving forward in this endeavor should be a top priority. Many people in our city do not have cars, so the convenience of a grocery store will help them greatly. It is very difficult for people to get up the hill to Kroger to shop.

A lot of people shop at Family Dollar. What is lacking there is access to fresh fruit and vegetables, which are needed to maintain and foster healthy living.

My friend, Justice Slappy, and I have been involved for 10 years in the Unity Garden on Dock Street. We are helping the people in our city to see the value of wholesome, organic food through urban farming.

A local grocery store will certainly help to cut down on the medical problems in our area caused by people trying to fill themselves up on junk food purchased at any place but a local grocery store.

I do not believe our people should suffer because of the argument that it would not be safe to locate a store downtown. For heaven’s sake, is there any place “safe” nowadays? This outlook is paralyzing us from moving forward, and if extra security in the store needs to be put into place, then so be it.

Quality of life is much more important. I hope and pray that all will fall into place and our grocery store will be here quickly.

Mary O’Connor