Be wary of choices you make

To the editor:

On Feb. 3, readers were exposed to a pro-abortion polemic that regurgitated all the fallacious claims of the Planned Parenthood apologists (“Pro-birth, not pro-life.”) Refutation of this twisted propaganda in support of an inherent evil must be taken claim by claim.

First, no one opposes the right of women to control their own bodies, but the abstinence the writer denigrates is a major part of this control. The body in question is not the woman, but the living human gestating inside the womb.

Second, using the name of Jesus as an argument for killing the innocent is the ultimate in chutzpah. Yes, Jesus was about caring for the sick and the poor, but also is known as the Lord of life. In the Mosaic covenant, he gave mankind 10 simple rules, one of which condemns murdering one’s fellow human, and his Apostles specifically condemned the practice in the Didache (written about the year 80.)

Third, the claim that abstinence does not work is ridiculous — to my knowledge, only one virgin birth was ever recorded in history. Abstinence is not only the approved method, natural family planning has proven effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy, and the previous concern about the woman controlling her own body is especially appropriate here.

Fourth, because a practice has existed from antiquity does not mean it should be legalized and celebrated. Since this lady is claiming precedence in favor of killing the innocent, could her argument for antiquated practice extend to slavery and rape? Mankind’s scientific acumen has advanced throughout history. The medical knowledge of the ancients believed the incipient child morphed from vegetable to animal to human. Modern science has proven that life is human at the moment of conception.

Fifth, the claim that it is safe — hundreds, if not thousands, of women, those killed and those who are suffering physically and psychologically, are not the only disputation of this claim. The unborn child, if able to speak, would almost certainly challenge this pronouncement.

Sixth, the claim that nobody is pro-abortion: The letter is itself proof that this is an outright lie. We also can evidence Planned Parenthood and NARAL to see how they favor the butchery as a money-making enterprise.

These Planned Parenthood apologists never mention the Assistance in Motherhood program, since it would cut into their claim that abortion is necessary for “women’s health,” yet they show no sympathy for the health of the unborn baby.

God gave humanity freedom of choice but, as St. Peter cautioned, “Be free, yet without using freedom as a pretext for evil.” (1 Peter 2:16.)

Ed Bednar