American citizens are dreamers, too

To the editor:

Dennis Milko’s Jan. 14, letter, “Change up the Kool-Aid,” complains the Herald-Star is one-sided in it’s political view and continually slams Obama. Would the writer rather the paper be more like the New York Times or Washington Post, with their non-biased, objective views. It’s good to see the paper is not in mindless lockstep with progressives. The writer doesn’t want others to see opposing views — really tolerant. This paper adheres to the First Amendment.

Obuma’s library will have no books. Certainly not his college financial applications or transcripts. There will be a mural of himself and Snoop Dog with Maryjane drawing a red line in the sand on Chicago’s south shore.

It’s a shame progressives love illegal aliens over American citizens. They can’t spin it — it’s just a fact. Liberals have destroyed America’s cities. Why don’t the downtown Illuminati brag about their successes? Why don’t they boast about their triumphs: Baltimore, Detroit, New York City, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Illinois, California, New York? They want Steubenville to fall in line. The progressive strategy — don’t have facts, attack.

Patricia Mosser’s letter Feb. 3 (“Pro-birth, not pro-life”) claims Jesus was compassionate and understood a woman’s view on abortion. Jesus may be compassionate, but he isn’t a murderer. He does not condone murdering God’s creation. She argues that poor women need to murder their babies because of economics. So, it’s OK to kill for financial reasons. Would she murder her teenage child if she lost her job, house and car because of monetary concerns? She attacks Christianity several times and those who are Christians. Her biggest lie is when she states “Nobody is pro-abortion.” The Democratic platform, Hil-liar-ry and Obama’s policies support abortion up to and including the ninth month, even murdering babies at birth. She wants sex education taught in schools. Imagine someone with her demented, atheistic view telling your daughter it’s OK to murder your grandchild.

Their latest narrative is to call people who share my views old white men. Guess what — valley progressives are old, white women, go to their meeting. Do any Jefferson County progressives live in predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhoods? What hypocrites.

Dumber than dumb — on Jan. 26, sap-head Nancy Pelosi said illegal aliens play by rules. They sneak into our county, think they have the right to protest, carry foreign flags, stop traffic, steal Social Security numbers, produce false papers to scam American taxpayer money for food stamps, welfare etc. Even if it’s one, it’s one too many. Liberal colleges, Harvard, Stanford etc., have strict entrance exams — shouldn’t America? Do you think they’d allow non-English speaking aliens to invade their dorms, classrooms and cafeterias?

If Americans won’t vote for Democrats, they’ll import people who will.

Hillary Clinton and Obama are looking to share property together — Leavenworth cells.

My rights don’t end where the feelings of progressive snowflakes begin.

Barry Bardone