Water worries in Bergholz

To the editor:

This past spring, the Jefferson County Water Department started to replace the 60-plus-year-old water line on First Street and Valley View (Star Hill) in Bergholz.

They worked for a couple of weeks, and then they were gone. They left the new lines laying beside the road, as well as the temporary plastic line, which is above ground. I understood this was to be completed by July. In November, it was still not finished.

After a very cold night, I had frozen water lines. They came back two weeks before Thanksgiving and worked on it some more. Then they left, and on Thanksgiving morning, my water pipes were frozen again. I tried to call the water department, but nobody was answering their phones. Luckily, it warmed up enough to thaw the pipes that day.

I called the water department on the following Monday and was told to let the water run faster. Now, here we are, going into December, and still no new water line. Soon, we will have a hard freeze and be without water for the winter.

I feel like we are forgotten up here in the corner of Jefferson County. Don’t forget — we pay taxes, too, and we vote.

Margaret Dowdell