Stand up for Indian Creek

To the editor:

My heart goes out to all the wonderful students of the Indian Creek Local School District who, once again, have been disappointed by the lack of voter turnout to affirm a much needed levy.

Anyone who has witnessed the dedication, self-discipline and massive civic minded participation of the Indian Creek student body must be appalled and sickened at the dismal showing of “adult” support for such praiseworthy young people. Despite the lack of appreciation shown by eligible voters for their hard work to develop a vibrant, pride-filled school community, let us all hope that the Indian Creek youth can continue to eschew modeling the selfishness, pettiness, complacency and apathy recently exhibited by their elders.

Fortunately, the community at large has yet another chance to show due appreciation for its dedicated youth by voting in the spring to provide a state-of-the-art high school large enough to accommodate its student body without the deteriorating walkways to decrepit outdoor portable trailers, minimal restroom and activity facilities, classrooms unable to be retrofitted for modern equipment and a campus that cannot be locked down to safeguard its vulnerable populace.

With the Christmas season of giving and self-sacrifice upon us, perhaps those adults who failed to vote “yes” for Indian Creek’s fall levy can gift their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and young neighbors alike by getting registered and making it their personal New Year’s resolution to vote for the Indian Creek improvement levy this spring.

Our children are showing us their best efforts and we need to do all we can to reciprocate.

Wyatt Whanger