Progressives miss the point

To the editor:

I can’t choose what’s more humorous, progressives daydreaming about President Trump being impeached or their nightmare that Trump is president. Or, believing Republicans wage war on women and the Muslim world doesn’t, and advising pregnant women not to smoke, but saying it’s OK to murder the same infant in or just out of the womb. They live in gated communities or behind walls and tell the rest of us a border fence won’t work. They have gun-totting body guards because they fear the nuts, but don’t want me to protect myself or family from the same nuts. Hypocrites.

Are Jefferson County progressives gleeful about the acquittal of the seven-time convicted illegal alien felon who killed Kate Steinle? Bleeding heart progressives, answer me this: How would you feel holding your dying child, who was shot by this scum, and who was looking up at you and pleading, “Help me, daddy?”

More progressive misleading by omission is in Dennis Milko’s letter of Oct. 15 (“Letters leave many questions.”) He’s concerned the national debt is $20 trillion, but doesn’t mention Obama’s administration alone is responsible for $10 trillion of that. Shameful.

Strange but true: My ancestors weren’t the same as today. They came legally, didn’t cost the Federal Government a penny, didn’t require the country adapt to them, didn’t burn the American flag and learned English. Mexico had a larger impact on the presidential election than Russia, but progressives don’t talk about illegal aliens who voted. If Trump is a Nazi for not calling out Nazis, Obama must be an Islamic terrorist for not calling out Islamic terrorists. Trump didn’t create progressive hate, he revealed it. I’d rather read Hillary Clinton’s e-mails than her book. She can’t remember a thing under oath, but can remember to write a 512-page book. Why is it fine for somebody to make $100 million a year inspiring people to kill cops, rape women, be a gangsta and use the ‘N’ word, but a CEO with 10,000 employees, who’s company is producing a beneficial product and generating $1 billion to pay employee benefits and dividends is chastised for making $5 million?

Progressive snowflakes are overly sensitive, easily offended people and believe they are entitled to special treatment on account of their supposedly unique characteristics.

How can one take letters from valley amigos seriously when they quote from “60 Minutes,” the New York Times and Google? These sources are the high ground? They’re embarrassed to say they watch CNN, MSNBC or another unbiased source, wacky Joy Behar of “The View.”

Downtown progressive illuminati have selected Frankie DiCarlantonio as the Jefferson County Democratic chairman. Was it by default? Did county Democrats have a say in selection or just the few elite party heads? Is this his reward for losing the mayoral race? Is he going to do for the county what he did for Steubenville? Is this what is called doubling down on stupid? Republicans, thank you.

Progressives, Trump haters, baby murderers, atheists and flag burners — take a knee fools.

Merry Christmas.

Barry Bardone