Joseph McCarthy is laughing

To the editor:

So, now it’s Matt Lauer. It’s becoming apparent that the American left lives in glass houses within which are, it seems, huge piles of stones.

When Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, big-time liberal Democrat elbow-rubber, mover and shaker — and otherwise known as Patient Zero in this growing pandemic of accusations of impropriety — was exposed, Rush Limbaugh advanced the theory that the DNC was, essentially, cutting him loose, cleaning house, because Weinstein’s sins had, of course, long been known, and ignored, thanks to his personal power, his political involvements, connections and clout.

Limbaugh hypothesized the Democrats wanted to be able to keep up the “sexual harassment-assault” narrative on Trump, and thus needed to purge themselves of their own such perpetrators to avoid charges of hypocrisy. Weinstein was a major sore thumb.

Blatant hypocrisy had never bothered them before, of course, so I don’t know if this theory has any legs, and neither did Limbaugh. However, if this was the case, by chucking Weinstein, they seem to have inadvertently emboldened a possibly endless stream of complainants. They’ve opened a can of worms that seems, increasingly, to be a whole lot deeper, wider and more embarrassing than they at first realized, let alone expected, and it’s eroding their assumed moral high ground. If it continues, the ramifications of this could be devastating to the Democratic party and its complicit, lapdog media allies and enablers.

I would like to point out that so far, the overwhelming preponderance of these accusations has been against liberal media types and Democrat political figures, many of whom are fond of smugly recalling decades-old crude, off-color comments spoken by President Trump.

Spoken, not actually done. Just an observation.

Having said all this, the line between “sexual assault” and “sexual harassment” has been irretrievably blurred and overlapped; there is no objective difference, anymore. Nowadays, for various reasons — all having to do with unrestrained political correctness — one is essentially the same as the other. It’s entirely subjective and in the eye of the victim, as to which is which.

That being the case, no actual contact necessarily need have taken place. One only has to have been made to feel “uncomfortable” or vaguely “threatened,” to have a “legitimate” complaint. One can overhear a whispered dirty joke, and ultimately ruin a career. Or a life.

This divisive atmosphere of extreme entitlement and endlessly offended grievance which prevails, today, is the purposeful result of nearly a century of cultural Marxism, an insidious plan of action developed at the Frankfort School, a communist think tank in 1920s and 1930s Germany, to undermine America and the Western capitalist democracies. When Hitler assumed power, and made life hard on the communists, they left.

Where did they go? To the safer environs of Russia? No — they came to America, with the goal of using our Constitution’s freedoms against itself. One need only look around at the ruins of our culture to see how well it’s worked.

Somewhere, Joseph McCarthy is laughing.

Rob Denham