Democrats work against change

To the editor:

I have been a member of the middle class my entire life. The Democratic Party used to be a party that cared for the middle class, but with their emphasis on group-identity politics, the Democratic Party has forgotten the middle class. That is why I find it interesting that wealthy members of the Democratic Party are always talking about the needs of the middle class.

When was the last time that Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton downloaded e-coupons, clipped paper coupons and checked the weekly ad for bargains before going to the grocery store? When was the last time that Chuck Schumer, Sherrod Brown or Mrs. Sherrod Brown, AKA liberal columnist Connie Schultz, shopped at a store that gives fuel points so that they could save money on the gasoline needed to drive to work? These are just a few examples of the measures that members of the middle class must take to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck.

The Democratic Party is still upset that Clinton did not win the presidency. We still do not know the extent of Clinton’s involvement in Benghazi. We do not know if she shared classified documents on her personal server. There are many questions about Clinton’s honesty. Women were chastised by the Democrats and the Hollywood elite because we did not vote for Clinton. Why would anyone vote for a candidate based solely on gender?

There are economic “experts” who claim that the proposed tax reform bill will hurt the middle class. There are also economic experts like Stuart Varney who say that the tax reform proposed by the Republican party will help the middle class. Pelosi stated that the proposed tax bill will be Armageddon. Scare tactics such as this latest one from Pelosi do nothing to help the hard-working people of the middle class.

We see that the economy is improving under President Trump. The unemployment rate has decreased and there are less people on food stamps. The GDP has increased. The stock market has soared and this is good for those of us whose retirement plans are tied to the stock market. I have hope that our country will once again become prosperous for our children and grandchildren. We have a chance to “Make American Great Again.” It’s a shame that the Democratic politicians do not want to work with President Trump to make that happen.

Michalene King