Cavs are on their way

To the editor:

I would like to respectfully offer this composition as a follow-up to a previous letter to the editor that I had written and that had appeared in the Nov. 19 edition, in which I expressed my disappointment and concerns for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the current NBA season up to that time.

Although realizing it was still very early in the season, I must admit that I was quite alarmed as a result of the Cavs’ 5-7 won-lost record at that time, which was far below expectations for such a talented team, which is led by perhaps the most talented basketball player on the planet, the great LeBron James, and that many of the Cavs’ losses came against sub-par teams, even playing poorly on their home court, where they have been nearly invincible since the return of James.

The Cavs appeared to be out of sync, playing disappointing, uninspired basketball, with the notable exception of Mr. James, who was playing, and he continues to play, extremely well and highly motivated, although it appeared that his teammates lacked such intensity.

However, I am pleased to report that after their abysmal start, the Cavs went on to win 13 straight games, tying the all-time franchise record for consecutive wins, while improving their record to 18-7, one of the best records in the NBA at that time in the season.

Making this impressive turnaround even more impressive was such was accomplished, for the most part, without the availability of no fewer than four key players, namely Isiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson, Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert, which indicates that things may get even better for the Cavs upon their return in the future.

Mistakenly, I questioned the leadership of Cavs’ head coach Tyron Lue for the perception of his playing a significant role in the Cavs’ early season poor performance.

However, happily, now has all changed decidedly for the better, and I anticipate much continued success for the Cavs for the remainder of the season, who are, quite possibly, on their way to their second NBA championship in franchise history this season, under the leadership of Lue and James, who, thus far, may well be having his best season to date in his 15-year NBA career, and could also be well on his way to his fifth MVP award and, hopefully, his fourth NBA championship, as well.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry