Buckeye Local worth fighting for

To the editor:

The Buckeye Local School District is worth fighting for. On the heels of another failed levy, and on the brink of decisions being made concerning serious cuts to our district, I have some things to say to a few people.

To the parents, if you live in Buckeye Local, send your kids to Buckeye Local. Open enrollment may seem like a good thing, but it takes $6,010 per pupil from the district. Great things have come out of Buckeye Local and continue today. A recent survey asked alumni to tell us what their current jobs were. The list consisted of a dental assistant, college professors, nurse practitioners, a 911 dispatcher, a speech language pathologist, a government affairs operator, a paramedic, a college athletic trainer, mechanical engineers, a counselor, a director of child nutrition, teachers’ aides and teachers, among many others.

To community members, I want to say it may be hard to support something in your area that doesn’t directly benefit you or because you have no “skin in the game.” If you see a kid at your church or at a local event selling a candy bar for his basketball team, buy one. Your dollar tells them their cause is worth supporting and anything positive you can do for a child matters.

To the alumni of the Buckeye Local, come back and walk the halls, send e-mails to your former teachers and go to sporting events. I encourage you to send donations toward dances, S.T.E.M. projects or band equipment. Get out the old T-shirts, or buy a new one. Panther pride has to be generational and it starts with you so it can continue into the future.

To the voters, I am sure that you realize the passing of 4.9-mill levy isn’t going to save Buckeye Local. It may not even be a big enough Band-Aid, but voting “yes” says you believe that a little bit of money will help fund the future of a lot of kids.

To the administration and staff, don’t lose heart. While it is true we have not passed a levy in 30 years, you would never know it. Most professionals would run from a job where the wind continually got knocked out of them. Not us. The servant nature of individuals in the education profession cannot be matched. I would estimate more than 50 percent of the staff of Buckeye Local are alumni. So, please, continue to make our students feel important, continue to help change their perception of themselves into something positive and continue to be the game-changers of this current generation.

Supporting the current growl of the Panthers will help it grow into a roar that is stronger than ever and is heard all across Jefferson County. This sleeping giant is not to be overlooked. We have quality people, quality programs and legitimate test scores to prove it.

I am a Panther graduate. I am a Panther parent. I am a Panther teacher.

Heather Long