2018 looks to be exciting

To the editor:

I was happy to see PTTGC America issue its brief but substantive website posting on Dec. 21. While it was not the news we all hope for and look forward to, it is a decisive sign that the company, and all of its partners, are ardently working to make the ethane cracker plant a reality. While I understand the apprehension of whether or not the plant will be built, it is imperative that all of us, from the public sector to the private sector, and all in between, stay focused on what we can do to continue to lay the foundation for PTT’s success here.

While this potential project is Belmont County sited, it is truly one of which will benefit the entire upper Ohio Valley and Tri-State Area. It is with great hope and patience that we continue to welcome PTT and respond to all of its requests for the direct and indirect benefits that the company will provide here are immeasurable. It is amazing to see the number of private and public figures working collectively and independently to ensure that PTT has no option but to say yes to this multi-billion dollar project.

I respectfully ask the residents and businesses of the Ohio Valley to remain positive and patient for in time, we will have a final decision. I too ask that the elected officials and private sector businesses, on both sides of the Ohio River, continue to work on developing and growing your respective areas and businesses. This year has been a great year for the valley and I truly believe that 2018 will be a banner growth year for all of us.

The enormity of this cracker project, in and of itself, has all the signs of unifying us as one economy and that is very important to our residents, businesses and government. Belmont County and its subsidiaries will continue to do our part and we truly look forward to PTT’s final investment decision.

Mark A. Thomas

President, Belmont County