Some fuel for thought

To the editor

Wherever we celebrated Thanksgiving, our favorite foods took center stage. The warmth and abundance of the holiday is a good time to be thankful, not just for the meal we will enjoy, but also the energy necessary to make “farm-to-table” possible.

Ohio and the Midwest are blessed to have domestic natural gas as a resource, along with a growing infrastructure to transport it safely to our homes, farms and businesses.

Natural gas roasted many turkeys and other staples on our Thanksgiving tables and provides a warm house and hot water.

Consider also that natural gas likely energized the farm that dried grains or raised the poultry and other foods we enjoy at holiday time and every day. Increasingly, natural gas is the power behind how our food is preserved and transported to stores and restaurants and fuels bakeries and other producers of food products.

Farmers and everyone in the food and grocery industry are working to increase our energy efficiency, and natural gas is big part of this effort. This is fuel for thought as we enjoy the good eating that comes with the holidays.

Sue Roy

Legislative director

Ohio State Grange