Protect our manufacturing

To the editor:

Every November, our country sets aside a day to honor our veterans, those men and women who so bravely served our nation. As we celebrate Veterans Day this year, we must remember that we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to keep our military personnel around the world safe. The Trump administration is currently investigating whether steel and aluminum imports threaten our national security.

Our country’s increasing reliance on foreign countries for steel and aluminum is putting our national security at risk. Because our domestic manufacturers are closing down or running lower than capacity, America relies on China or Russia to supply our military. This means sharing our secret military specifications with two countries with whom we are strategic competitors. However this is a predicament we can get ourselves out of, if we choose.

President Trump pledged action on the investigations by July 1, but nothing has happened to date. Meanwhile, steel imports alone are up more than 20 percent, further putting American steel and aluminum at risk. Global overcapacity has forced the closure of too many American companies. It is hurting our communities and now, our military.

As a former Steelworker at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel and at the Ormet plant, this hits me personally. As a veteran, I am urging President Trump and the Department of Commerce to proceed with the Section 232 national security investigation. We must take action and implement enforceable remedies to maintain and strengthen the American manufacturing sector.

Dick Stobbs

Army Vietnam Veteran

Chairman, Gold Star

Family Committee