Your vote really matters

To the editor:

In four years of being a Wayne Township trustee, I have made a few accomplishments, of which I am proud.

The Pledge of Allegiance is now said before each meeting; a neighborhood watch program has been implemented; the last four community clean-ups, held in partnership with the JB Green Team, have been successful; the marijuana issue has been passed, which will not allow any form of medical marijuana in Wayne Township; and a few others.

But, residents of Wayne Township, the road ahead is still very rocky.

With elections nearing, the choices for two new Wayne Township trustees are very important. This is not the time to vote for “the good ‘ole boy” or a friend just because he is a friend, or a relative or because a candidate has a certain name or the reputation of a business. The position of trustee should be taken seriously, and for the right reasons, not for personal gain.

Roads and cemeteries top the list of duties for trustees. The 43 miles of roads and three large cemeteries to maintain require a lot of money and attention. We are a large and sprawled-out township geographically, making it hard to be efficient. It takes three trustees and the elected fiscal officer working together to be able to make the township function at peak performance. In Wayne Township, however, total disfunction runs rampant.

Personal safety issues are apparent even at the monthly township meetings. Not only is one deputy present, but two deputies have been required by the county. There is something seriously out of control here. Thank you, Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies.

Meetings are chaotic, and rules are not followed. Resolutions adopted by this and previous boards are not respected or adhered to. Bullying toward the female elected officials and assistant, foul language in and out of meetings and toward elected officials and employees goes on. More problems are yet to be resolved.

If you have questions about who to vote for, please don’t hesitate to call potential candidates and ask questions about what they want to do for Wayne Township. Be in the know. Qualified candidates will gladly take the time to answer your questions, as long as you talk in a calm, intelligent manner with them. Ask “why” — and ask “What can I do?”

I would like to thank the people who voted for me four years ago. I have to say that I tried my best for the residents of Wayne Township. My advice is to get involved and have a voice in your local government. After all, everything that happens here affects you and your family. Don’t take second-hand information as the final word.

Wayne Township, wake up — Wayne Township residents deserve better.

Gini Chandler

Wayne Township trustee