Time to end the shooting

To the editor:

How many more gunshots do residents of Maryland Avenue have to count until change is made? How many more headlines that read “shots fired” have to be printed until someone stands up and does something?

Shootings have been no stranger to the city of Steubenville. They have actually become normal for some residents. For example, one of the most recent incidents occurred around 7:30 p.m. Oct. 22 on Maryland Avenue. Maryland Market owner and Maryland Avenue resident Vincetta Tsouris told a television reporter, “It’s not uncommon, because we hear it all of the time” and then added “… I count how many gunshots I hear. And there was a little girl and she was saying ‘shooting outside, shooting outside,’ and I thought, we shouldn’t have to live like this.”

This is affecting all ages in the place we all call home and is an issue that needs to be dealt with, because it is obviously only getting worse. Therefore, how much longer do residents have to live in fear? Hopefully, the election of a new city mayor coming up in a few weeks will spark change in the violence that lives on our streets.

Nov. 7 will give power to someone new — hopefully, that someone will do something.

Alexandrina Biasi