Projects taking way too long

To the editor:

If you travel state Route 7, you, like many, are frustrated over the one-lane traffic that plagues this road. Traveling this road recently, we encountered one-lane traffic in Martins Ferry, Rayland to Tiltonsville, Brilliant to Rush Run and Mingo Juncion to Brilliant.

The Rush Run project began in March 2011 when the Ohio Department of Transportation released a media statement saying that state Route 7 would be closed to one lane due to a mud and rock slide. The estimated repair cost was $3.8 million. During this time period, money was available to the states for “shovel-ready jobs” from the federal government, so the plan changed, and the hillside was cut out. This $30 million job as of May 12, 2015, cost more than $68 million.

Now, there is a piece of rock that has separated from the hillside, and it looks like another $30 million is needed for the hillside repair. (Oct. 18, O.D.O.T. District 11)

I don’t know how long the Mingo Junction to Brilliant stretch of one-lane traffic has been going on, but the barriers are overgrown with weeds. The Rush Run project is now in its sixth year and covers a 2.6-mile stretch of land. In comparison, the Hoover Dam was completed in five years.

This has become the norm, and it is unacceptable.

Merica Petrella