DiCarlantonio right choice for mayor

To the editor:

I’ve worked for many entities in this community my entire adult life, including a time with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce in the late 1980s — the center for the business community of Jefferson County. Although some of the downtown hallmarks were no longer there, people still committed to supporting local businesses, while the major employers in the area were downsizing by the hundreds. But what did our leaders do? They propped up steel producers and committed themselves to the next rumor that jobs were coming back.

For a few decades we have lacked vision in Steubenville. And, I’m not blaming any one person for our economic slump. I recognize several business people in the downtown area who have stuck it out, fixing up their storefronts and working on campaign after campaign to uplift and support our downtown. My hat is off to them … but it’s not just downtown. The West End is suffering, too. Let’s face it: The mall is not what it used to be. There are many reasons for this, but what have we done about it?

As we look around at our neighbors in Weirton, Wheeling and St. Clairsville, who seem to be growing manufacturing and retail businesses — what are they doing differently? Are we losing business and jobs because no one wants to move here and establish businesses here and offer economic opportunities here? I agree with Frankie DiCarlantonio 100 percent … that we need to work with businesses at the point where they are considering to locate in Steubenville, not when they are ready to take out a building permit in order to get their business ready to open.

Throughout his entire campaign, DiCarlantonio has said multiple times that we are not doing the simple things that could be developed very quickly, yet would be effective. Why don’t we have someone appointed within the city of Steubenville to work with small businesses? Why don’t we have a website where people could easily see what they need to do in order to start their business here? Why don’t we have a prospectus developed and ready to go to share with businesses about our area?

These are not new issues. We have been down this road many times with one economic development person after another who has left us after a couple of years. DiCarlantonio is here to stay. Let’s vote for a new beginning by electing him as the next mayor of the city of Steubenville on Nov. 7.

Kathy Antinone