DiCarlantonio has what it takes

To the editor:

As someone who has sat on council for 16 years ranging from the early 2000s up until a mere two years ago, I understand the challenges our city faces and know what it takes to overcome these obstacles. For this reason, I am supporting — and encourage readers of the Herald-Star to support — Frankie DiCarlantonio for mayor of Steubenville.

During the 16 years that I was on council, I saw a lot of elected officials come and go. All of them had different mindsets, different ideas and new energy to fix the problems that face our city. Some of them I agreed with, some I did not.

In this election, I see Frankie as someone who is good for our area. He is a part of a generation that is the future of Steubenville. Not only is he young and energetic, but he has the capabilities, intelligence and a grasp on how the system of government works to get the job done. His networking abilities to gain consensus, support from entities near and far and how to work with people of all mindsets is something that is crucial to the successful operations of that office.

It is time for someone young such as DiCarlantonio to take the reins of the mayor’s office. While on City Council, I believed in planning, logistics and having a vision for the future. Frankie will bring this same approach because he knows what he wants Steubenville to be as he continues his life here as a young professional.

I urge everyone on Nov. 7 to vote Frankie DiCarlantonio for the next mayor of the city of Steubenville.

Greg Metcalf