Children services levy deserves a yes

To the editor:

Jefferson County Children Services plays an integral part in our communities. It is wrong to leave children in a situation where their lives are in danger, but it also is challenging and difficult to remove children from their parents’ homes where they become a part of the “system.” These children face many challenges in being removed from their families, and they deserve every possible assistance they can receive.

The people charged with acting on the public’s behalf to deal with these difficult situations should be given every tool available to do their jobs well. Children’s lives literally hang in the balance. These people include children services employees as well as the foster families in these communities. My wife and I are somewhat new to foster parenting, having received our licenses roughly two years ago and having one placement in our house. Though our time as foster parents may be short, we can clearly see the importance and the need for children services as a whole.

Throughout our time fostering a child who was placed in our home, my wife and I have relied very heavily on our social workers and the services they can provide. This is not a rarity in our area, with most social workers we have dealt with working very long hours any day of the week and being available at all times. As a resident of Jefferson County for most of my life, I know many people who have been impacted by children services. The employees at children services put so much time and effort into making sure these children who are placed in care have every option available to improve their lives. I believe this is very integral to the community, and I want to see it continue.

I have been informed there is a renewal levy coming up on Nov. 7, and I am writing this letter to voice my support for this levy. I believe that children services is valuable to the community and should be given all possible funding to continue their work. My wife and I are currently in the process of adopting our foster child, and she has medical issues.

Without the help that children services has provided us with, we would not have been able to continue caring for this child, let alone proceeding with adoption. I believe supporting this levy will help stories like ours, including the most important part, the children. I am a firm believer that children should be given all possible avenues for success for their futures, and I believe that for many children in our area, children services and local foster parents will be the ones providing these.

That is why I believe it is important to have this levy pass, because promoting the well-being of our children is vital. I’m asking you to join me in voting yes on Issue 4 … no new taxes.

Jacob Blanton