Business plan makes sense

To the editor:

I had the privilege of sitting down with Frankie DiCarlantonio last week to talk to him a little bit about his campaign and what he would like to do if he becomes the next Steubenville mayor.

The most significant thing that struck me was the fact that Steubenville is behind approximately $250,000 in income tax revenue from where we were in 2016. Isn’t anyone alarmed? I am not a professional in city administration, but I know that if $250,000 was missing, there is likely something or someone who will not be able to be paid. Does that mean that we won’t have as many police officers on the street? Does that mean that there won’t be enough firefighters to combat the fires?

What discussion are we having about rectifying this issue? Frankie DiCarlantonio already has had those conversations. His plan of business, people and community makes sense.

We need to get more businesses to come to Steubenville to put our neighbors back to work. With the increased revenue from the income tax, we can invest back into our community.

Frankie knows the issues that small businesses have with locating here. He knows what it takes to start and operate a business. It is not rocket science — if we do not have the resources to fix our problems, we need more resources.

I urge everyone to vote for Frankie DiCarlantonio to become your next Steubenville mayor on Nov. 7.

Joyce Parrish