Bertram right choice in Toronto

To the editor:

Residents of the 1st Ward in Toronto, I encourage you to vote for Bob Bertram on Nov. 7. He is a longtime resident of Toronto (Wallace Heights) who I first met when I came to Toronto in 2005 to serve as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

It was during my nine-year tenure that I quickly learned Bertram was “the go-to person” to see that major projects involving the church structure got done. With his leadership skills, business acumen and sincere dedication to accomplish the task at hand, he saw that the roof of our church was replaced and the sanctuary was remodeled.

When the church tower was struck by lightning, Bertram spearheaded the committee to see that the structure was restored. He also coordinated the efforts to see that the church’s carillon, which also was damaged by the lightning strike, was restored.

After I retired in 2014, Bob and I discussed the possibility of annexing Wallace Heights into the city of Toronto. He thought it was a good idea and he spearheaded the movement. He formed a committee of four and personally did much of the detailed research that involved state, county, township and city regulations. He took the initiative to organize public meetings for those residents who would be involved.

In addition, as head of the committee, Bertram met with our county officials to discuss the feasibility of the proposed annexation. He then met with Toronto officials who, in essence, went on to approve the plan for Wallace Heights to be annexed into Toronto.

It is largely due to Bertram’s determined and tireless efforts to bring about this annexation that the residents of Wallace Heights now enjoy better fire and police protection, upgraded EMS coverage, consistent snow removal, less expensive trash removal and improved road repair.

In addition, because of Bob’s meetings with City Council, we residents now have a much-needed pole light at the entrance to Wallace Heights.

So, on Election Day, I highly encourage you to vote for Bob Bertam for Toronto City Council, 1st Ward, because he is a man of integrity who knows how to get things done.

The Rev. Mike Bongart (retired)