Barilla right choice for mayor

To the editor:

Jerry Barilla definitely is the right vote for mayor and the right move for the direction of Steubenville.

No one has done, or continues to do, more for the city than Barilla. His love, commitment, devotion and dedication to the city are beyond reproach.

I’ve known Barilla and his wife, Judy, most of my entire adult life. Seven years ago I became involved with him when he and a small, but determined, group of local business owners and concerned citizens decided to form a group to focus on revitalizing downtown Steubenville. That group continues today as the Steubenville Revitalization Group.

I’ve seen firsthand Barilla’s sense of pride in Steubenville and his determination at making it better.

Five years ago we become neighbors — business neighbors — when we purchased Mike’s Sweeper Center in the historic district section of downtown Steubenville.

His energy is endless, his love for Steubenville never-ending and his belief that Steubenville can, and will, become a place we can all be proud of never waivers.

I encourage the citizens of Steubenville to vote for the future of this wonderful city — the next mayor of Steubenville, Jerry Barilla.

Mike Strean