Ohio Valley Together welcoming

To the editor:

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to spend the evening in Wheeling. It wasn’t a concert or dinner, but it was fun and it filled me with hope.

It was a meeting of Ohio Valley Together. OVT is a melting pot of different organizations from both sides of the river, from Jefferson, Belmont, Brooke, Hancock and Ohio counties. From grassroots groups like the Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition to organizations that have been around for decades or longer, the Belmont County Democratic Party and the Ohio County NAACP. It includes groups who march (Marchers Ohio Valley Empowered), groups who assist and protect (Redneck Revolt) to groups who support youth and hungry children (Beyond the Rainbow and Our Children Our Future.) Also in attendance were the ACLU, Ohio Valley Peace, Indivisible District 6 and Second Chance Technology.

To say we were diverse is an understatement, but we had more in common than not. We want where we live to be a welcoming place for everyone. We want our cities and counties to grow and flourish, to embrace diversity and to help those in need.

If you think that you are alone in your concerns in these trying times, you aren’t, there is a group somewhere near you that would love to have your voice added to theirs. I can guarantee that no matter your age, gender, race or religious affiliation, there is a group ready to welcome you. In the room on this night there were people of all colors and religions and teens to senior citizens. We weren’t a melting pot but as one speaker said we are more like a big mixed salad.

It was wonderful to experience all the different ways that people have become engaged in all kinds of ways and for each of us we had our own reasons but we all want the same thing, to make a welcoming home for all and to know that we are stonger together.

Barbara Davis