Respect must be earned

To the editor:

When we go to the polls to cast our vote for the person we feel is best suited to hold the office of president of these United States there are many thoughts, ideas and opinions that go into selecting our choice for the said office.

It is with great responsibility that we cast that ballot.

Of course, we consider party affiliation, campaign promises, the thoughts of the candidates and ideas on how best to nurture and maintain our nation so as to keep it safe and strong. That, as well as ideas for the future to ensure that our next generation will be ready and able to govern this great nation to the best of their ability.

I have come to realize there are other things to be considered. Maybe not as obvious, but still there none the less.

We expect the president to be a gentleman. We expect the president to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. We expect the president to know what to say and when to say it. We expect the president to know what not to say, and, even more important, when to say nothing at all.

We expect the president to be able to conduct press conferences without singling out an attractive female journalist, and then openly flirting. It’s sexist, unprofessional and unappreciated by us all.

We expect the president to keep his public comments on an intellectual level and be at least somewhat believable.

We hope the president is capable of uniting Republicans and Democrats so that good government can happen. This president has succeeded in bringing the two parties together. They both agree his tweets are laughable and embarrassing and should stop.

The ultimate humiliation to the office itself is so completely inappropriate that most people could not imagine, even in a nightmare, that a sitting president of these United States would post on social media a wrestling match of himself rolling on the ground with a member of the news media. This is utterly and completely undignified, ridiculous and an embarrassment to this great country.

The right to vote had been bought and paid for by brave patriots.

Freedom is not now and never has been free. We live in the land of the free because this truly is the home of the brave.

I respect everyone’s right to vote for whomever they feel is best suited to hold this prestigious office.

After the inauguration, however, it becomes the responsibility of the person holding the office to earn our respect.

In the event our respect cannot be earned, can we just give it? I think not.

We might not agree on the person holding that honorable position, but I think we have to all agree that person should at the very least be able to merit respect.

If respect cannot be earned, respect cannot be given.

If respect cannot be given, what then is there for us to offer in its place?

Nancy Longo