Right to work wrong for Ohio

To the editor:

This Congress has no desire to raise the minimum wage. We are stuck between that familiar rock and a hard place. We’ve been groomed to not care about how much a job pays or what benefits it has … because it’s a job. We’re turning into a Third World country where the corporations use us for their personal gain, while we should be thankful for the crumbs.

“Right to Work” is not good for Ohio, which was once rich with unionized, good-paying jobs. It weakens our right to join together and bargain for better wages and working conditions. Those citizens in the rust belt states whose very jobs and livelihood depended on union wages and who voted for Trump because some say that Hillary Clinton didn’t identify with them couldn’t be further from the truth. They instead chose Donald Trump, who is dead set on abolishing all unions … if you just look at some of his cabinet picks.

His pick for secretary of labor is a billionaire who has built his empire on fast-food chains and believes that he would much rather put his bet on the robot. This is a billionaire who has never been one to shy away from his view on robots vs. people. He would rather have robots because they won’t ask for fair or humane treatment under the labor laws, laws that he will be sworn to protect. So do you think he will protect them? He also believes that the minimum wage should not be increased. That’s not surprising coming from a billionaire, who does not believe in you or share your values.

If you come from a blue-collar background and have lost jobs and benefits during the past 30 year, it’s not going to get any better. The puppets in our government who represent corporate profits over the working poor and middle class abandoned you long ago, when they allowed the greed to take over while the U.S. manufacturing jobs were lost, through not only outsourcing but automation.

And, if you think someone like Betsy DeVos will give you more freedom to send your children to a school of your choice, you didn’t get the hidden message. Her appointment to secretary of education is nothing less than the busting up of teachers’ unions.

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Kathy Antinone