God is against hatred of others

To the editor:

This is written in response to the letter written by Randal M. Sims “Pray for America” that appeared in the June 14 edition: I have to say it bothers me as a Christian.

I am told to love the person, everybody, and, yes, I may not be happy with the choice of how he or she lives, but I can say for sure I am not their judge. This is the point – I see in the writer’s comment he says gays and abortion are going to destroy America, and I want to say, yes, they are sins, and God is against both, but God also is against hatred of our fellow man, which I see so often today in the Christian community.

I see as well hypocrites of which the writer spoke of. Well, it’s a common thing today in the American church. The real enemy of America is its lack of love and understanding of its fellow man. Oh yes, starving a person, too, is a sin, as well as lying, lusting, etc. We forget the many, but point out a few – God’s word says let God be true and every man a liar, but I pray, too, for the writer’s soul and that he comes to find the true love found only in Christ the Lord.

William Murray