Big question on our horizon

To the editor:

For several centuries, the Caesars intermittently persecuted Christians who refused to sacrifice to their pagan gods. Torture and murder were commonplace, and Christians were maltreated “including great economic sacrifice in the face of penalties imposed by the secular world.” (footnote to Romans 10:11, NAB.) Human beings, as chattel, could be bought, traded, sold or destroyed at the whim of the emperor.

As history seems to cycle between civilization and barbarism, our current Caesar, imbued with the same pernicious philosophy, looks upon an innocent and helpless segment of humanity as being no better than property which may be sacrificed to the pagan gods of convenience. In a perverted understanding of ethics and morals, Caesar denies human dignity to the preborn and advocates even the murder of those surviving abortion.

In imitation of despotic monarchy, we see the use of government power to force all to monetarily support heinous evil. In marked antipathy to Christian belief, we see no recognition that human law is not absolute, but limited by divine and natural law and, if not, it must be deemed unjust.

A child is not the property of anyone, even the parents, and must not be considered as such. The right to use and abuse one’s own body cannot morally extend to another being. When one’s freedom impinges on another’s, we have not freedom, but tyranny.

Moral philosopher Vladimir Solovyov rightly states: “Human beings must a priority be excluded from the class of objects of poverty.” (“Justification of the Good.”) God has granted inalienable rights to man, and man must not violate those rights. Solovyov continues, “Christianity has revealed to us our absolute dignity, the worth of the inner being, or soul of man.” He cautions, “The degree of subordination of the individual to society must correspond to the degree of subordination of society to the moral good.”

Our Caesar’s putative successor, the standard bearer of this mindset, has promised to increase penalties in order to force change in religious doctrine. Our upcoming question is, will mindless party loyalty further erode our God-given right to life and liberty?

Ed Bednar