Work keeps cemetery beautiful

To the editor:

As many of us get older, we realize a cemetery is a fact of life. Not only do we have memories of our loved ones and friends who have their final body-resting place, but we all hope the area is kept attractive. I have been remiss by not thanking one such person more often. His name is Bill Blankenship. He has taken care of Island Creek Cemetery near Toronto for several years now. This has become a continuing year-by-year task. I have seen him take time to be sure not to disturb flowers and decorations around the graves. There is never a time the cemetery is not neat and the grass not cut to the proper length.

People have jobs and complete them. Blankenship goes above and beyond. Just completing his job is not enough. He truly takes pride in caring for the final resting place for family members and friends, and yes, maybe where we will find ourselves.

Fred Burns