Water problems not easy to take

To the editor:

Many of the residents in Mingo Junction can understand what the people of Toledo are going through. You see, we are all paying for water that goes off and on, is discolored, is more mud than water and is slowed to a trickle, and you cannot count on a day when service is normal.

As the water comes and goes, we’re told to let it run until it clears up. So, we have to pay for dirty water that runs down the sewer, fixtures and water tanks that have to be replaced and take “trickle” showers. Since the mill has gone, the only industry left in the village is the water system. The rates have been raised many times for water that we don’t have, or water that’s unusable. Since spring, the system has been compromised due to the separation project. But it’s hard to understand why the system doesn’t even work normally when the work on that project is not being done.

How long will it take before we’ll be able to take a decent shower, flush the commode, wash clothes or make a cup of coffee that tastes like coffee instead of tasting like rusty mud?

With most of the municipal services cut to the bone, we now have to contend with a water system that’s about as dependable as a broken watch. I’d like to see village officials stay on top of this situation and inform residents of what’s happening. Communication is almost at zero, and if you call to find out anything, no one has an answer. Pass the buck is the normal way of doing things, or you’re told no one else has any complaints. After you’re stonewalled too many times, you give up and go to a relative’s house in another town to get drinkable water, take a shower or wash clothes.

Maybe we need to start catching rain water until the system is fixed. Keep some bottled water handy – you’re going to need it.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction