Thanks for help with Relay for Life

To the editor:

Relay For Life is a community-based fundraising event of the American Cancer Society. Fundraising for the ACS is done for a full year by individual teams and the ending event is Relay for Life, which is the final fundraising event where all the teams and the community come together to take turns walking around the track to “Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back.”

More than 5,000 Relay For Life events take place across 20 countries. Events are held in local communities, campus universities and in virtual worlds. As the American Cancer Society’s most successful fundraiser and the organization’s signature event, the mission is to raise funds to improve cancer survival, decrease the incidence of cancer and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their caretakers.

A Relay For Life event is organized under a volunteer committee and implemented by volunteers. It is often organized as a multi-day public gathering, spanning all day and night in a large outdoor space, and many people bring tents and camp out around the walking tracks. Almost 4 million people take part in relay events in more than 5,000 communities in the United States. It is estimated that Relay For Life events have raised nearly $5 billion to date

As chair of this year’s Relay for Life, I would like to thank the residents of Steubenville, Wintersville, and surrounding areas for their generosity and support. We had more than 30 teams participate this year.

By all accounts, each and every team member did an outstanding job in their fundraising efforts and should be commended for their hard work.

Although short of our $150,000 goal, with your help and support we were able to raise more than $110,00 for the fight against cancer.

The proceeds from this event will go toward research, education, advocacy and to the various programs and services we provide directly within our community.

We were honored to be joined by a number of survivors who walked the opening survivors’ lap, led by Team Shear Cancer’s Amy Durbin, officially kicking off this year’s event. These survivors are the reason we continue the fight. Their participation inspires hope in those battling cancer.

A special thanks to the many volunteers who worked to make this event a success – celebrating the lives of those who have had cancer, remembering those lost and fighting back against a disease that takes too much.

Planning has already begun for Relay 2015, as we will celebrate Steubenville’s 20th year of Relay. We are encouraging anyone who has ever participated to join us this year. The date for next year’s event has tentatively been set for the third weekend in June, but you can get involved at any time. Check out, call (800) ACS-2345, or e-mail the Steubenville chairs at or

We would also like to give a very special thank you to all of our generous sponsors who donated a variety of items and food to the event. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Jaclyn Walters-Abrams