Johnson earns trust of voters

To the editor:

Each time I listen to the news, I get more frustrated. Believe me, there’s a lot wrong with Washington these days, with Democrats, Republicans and every one in between. But, everything I’ve seen and heard from Bill Johnson since he was elected leads me to believe he’s part of the solution we need. As I see it, he has done his best to stay abreast of the issues before Congress. He takes an active role by reading the bills and taking the appropriate action. I know this because I have seen and heard him answer questions from his constituents. He knowS the bills by their numbers and he is well informed.

Anybody reading this paper can see for themselves that Bill Johnson is always out and about talking with a small business, meeting with people in the community or holding a town hall. I have seen him in and around this area many times and he is always talking with someone who has a burning question.

Bill also works with people of both parties on many issues – especially when it comes to the issue of ensuring that local workers are benefiting from the oil and gas boom, or trying to halt Obama’s EPA and the president’s war on coal. Jobs and energy prices don’t just affect Republicans or Democrats, but touch all of us. Bill Johnson understands that … it’s too bad more people in Washington don’t get it.

When you are lucky enough to pick a winner, one needs to stay with that choice and support them in any way we can. I say keep Bill Johnson as our Congressman from the 6th District.

Iris Craig