FitzGerald deserves your vote

To the editor:

I don’t care that he let his license run out, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald focused on the job as Cuyahoga County executive.

Republican Gov. John Kasich, on the other hand, even as governor-elect in 2009, denied Ohioans high-speed rail between Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and the port of Cleveland. He denied us not only the rail and its infrastructure to create a north-south corridor for homeland security, but he denied the tens of thousands of Ohio jobs and services to accompany it, as well as the option to ride the train to read or study or any down-time to think about what Kasich is doing. He balanced his budget on the backs of people who could have had these jobs and services and on the backs of nurses, firemen, you name it, all of us who wanted jobs and progress. He only accepted Medicaid expansion on the last day, like a gambler who cheats Ohio citizens and uses that money to balance his budget and then take credit for it. Some call it creative accounting – I call it cheating Ohioans.

Kasich is not worthy of your vote – FitzGerald has the integrity to do the job first and put himself second. Think about how many times you have to do that in your job. Do you want a governor who understands what it is like to be a normal, hard-working person, makes mistakes and admit it and asks you to understand?

FitzGerald did his job for the people of Cuyahoga County, men, women and children alike. FitzGerald created a system for all children, no matter what their position at birth, at 2, starting a savings for an education, craft or starting of business later in life. FitzGerald created pre-K for all children, whether you have a loving two-parent home, or a loving single mother, or a loving single father.

On the topic of bank savings, he’s not like Kasich, having taken a $400,000 bonus upon separation from Lehman Brothers. Kasich contributed to the culture that caused the recession and screwed over the average guy and he is still doing it. At that time, Kasich took a bonus of $400,000 when that money could have been used instead to save foreclosures for thousands of people. Do you want a man like that who has the integrity equivalent to stealing from people’s bank savings, causing others foreclosure and then head right to Ohio because he knew he could make it here, because he could not make it in New York? Lehman went bankrupt. He comes out ahead, and people like you and me suffer and are still recovering. His budget looks good, but how about yours and mine?

Our representative Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, is no better. He lived in Ohio only one month before election and could not even qualify to register to vote. Instead, vote for Jennifer Garrison who is a Democrat and pro-life. You have no excuse now not to vote for her – an independent thinker.

Amy Frey