Ferguson stands for our area

To the editor:

As a resident of the Ohio’s 96th District, are you satisfied with your representation in the Ohio House of Representatives? If not, then you have the opportunity to make a change in November by electing Ron Ferguson as your state representative.

Unlike many young people who leave for college and never return to our valley, Ferguson graduated from Ohio State University in 2008 and returned to live and work in this area. He has seen the changes that have happened in our Ohio Valley, especially the economic decline. One of the changes that has impacted our economy is the war on coal, which not only has led to the loss of jobs, but will ultimately raise the price of electricity for everyone.

Ferguson believes that we should support the coal industry for the following reasons: the coal industry provides good paying jobs to many Ohioans, which will be lost with additional EPA regulation; the price of electricity will escalate if we cannot use coal to generate electricity; and the increased cost of electricity will directly impact all citizens, but especially low-income families, senior citizens and minorities. Ohioans may be at risk for loss of power during the coldest months due to a decrease in electricity production and increased costs.

Ferguson promises, “As your state representative, I will fight for the coal miners and the families who rely on this inexpensive energy resource to help the Ohio Valley thrive.”

To learn more about how Ferguson stands on this issue and other important issues in our Ohio Valley, go to his website www.ronforrep.com to learn how you will be represented in Columbus when you vote to make Ferguson our representative.

Michalene A. King