Democrats key to future success

To the editor:

If you don’t like what John Boehner and his Republican-held Congress has been doing, vote in Jennifer Garrison for Congress.

I often suggest to strangers that they vote in the November election. Republicans reveal themselves by ranting about Obama, but this election is not about Obama, this election is for governor, Ohio secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, Ohio Supreme Court justices and Jack Cera. These are people who affect our everyday lives.

This year becomes a turning point in keeping or losing our freedom. I urge those who do not normally vote for religious reasons to vote Democratic this November under the mantle of keeping our democracy, and exercising it as proud American citizens. I urge those who are registered Republicans, morally to vote this one time for proven Democratic candidates able to rid us of the corruption in Columbus.

Why? You need to exercise your vote against votes that the Koch brothers are buying. The Koch Brothers from Kansas – David and Charles – are influencing elections nationwide. In every state they want to set us back at least 80 years – they are alien to us. They even influenced the vote against the Columbus Zoo. They have put more money behind Ohio’s 8th District than any election nationwide, and that’s Boehner’s district. They are buying power by creating ignorance in the electorate.

About 3,100 sponsors dropped Rush Limbaugh because of his hateful rhetoric, but he is kept on the air by the sole sponsorship of Koch Brothers or whatever group they have chosen to hide behind, making it then, propaganda.

“Koch Brothers Exposed, 2014” from Brave New Films can be viewed online at the library’s computer lab. If needed, you can ask for assistance to see it and hear it with earphones. They are against anything that raises taxes. Get there while there is still a local library, which was under threat before, in 2009 and 2010. Books were burned under Hitler’s directive, and this is no different.

And Kasich is no different. He did not want alternative energy manufacturing in Ohio, costing us more than 1,000 jobs, Ohio Bill 310 not only stopped Ohio’s use of alternative energy but even the manufacturing jobs associated with it to supply other states that don’t have coal. In Kansas and Idaho, people were smart to vote against the Koch’s influence. Coal is here to stay, but let us have something else, too. Wind is free and a naturally occurring source.

If you know someone is cheating you, why would you allow them to continue to do so? Is it OK that someone cheats you just because you don’t know it is happening? They also want to turn Medicare and Medicaid into a voucher program. Reversing Citizens United would help to limit the influence of any one or two individuals. Don’t be duped, vote the Democratic ticket up and down.

Clara Frey