Overlooking accomplishments

To the editor:

Just think what Republicans and conservatives would now be saying if it had been a Republican president who had prevented a second Great Depression, successfully enacted comprehensive health care reform (and through market exchanges with private insurers, not the single-payer system advocated by the vast majority of Democrats), seen the stock market reach unprecedented high levels, overseen an economy that has experienced 52 consecutive months of positive private sector job growth (including months of more than 200,000 jobs gained in the private sector), seen the rate of unemployment reach a new five-year low, signed financial reform legislation eliminating corrupt banking practices, ended one and is in the process of ending another extremely costly foreign war that has lasted more than a decade and helped orchestrate the eventual killing of our great nation’s longtime primary nemesis, Osama bin Laden.

Certainly their response would be much more positive if the individual with the aforementioned achievements were not their Democratic nemesis, and sworn enemy, President Barack Obama.

If such were accomplished by a Republican president, he or she would have supplanted the myth of Ronald Reagan, who stands as the great conservative icon of recent times, although, in actuality, Reagan increased taxes 11 times, granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, increased the number of federal employees to a near record level, increased the national debt by the largest percentage during a time we were not at war and negotiated with known terrorists in the Iran-Contra Affair.

If Reagan was a Democrat, as he actually once was, when he did what are listed above, without question Republicans at the time would have vigorously pursued his impeachment. Instead, Reagan remains lauded today by a great many as the gold standard of Republican conservative presidents.

Is it not now finally time for Republicans and conservatives, particularly on the national level, to, once again, become more nationalistic and put the good our of great nation as its top priority and place partisan politics as more of a secondary motivation?

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry